Our Mission

The mission of America’s Wild Horse Advocates (AWHA) is to:

Promote the preservation, protection and welfare of wild horses and burros on Public Lands.

Provide input to the managing agencies in the monitoring, assessment, management, and humane oversight of wild horses and burros on the range and in holding areas.

Engage in educational outreach to students and to the public-at-large concerning the nature, history, needs and humane uses of wild horses and burros through various means, including live horse demonstrations.

Explore, obtain, and coordinate sources for funding, including memberships, donations, grants, fairs, and other fund raising activities.

Our primary current focus is to offer an alternative management plan for the wild horses and burros on the public land in the Spring Mountains, west of Las Vegas and east of Pahrump Nevada. These public lands are used primarily for recreation. There are no cattle or sheep to compete for grazing here.

Instead, over 40 million tourists visit Las Vegas each year and many visitors would love to see the Spring Mountain wild horses & burros in our beautiful Western landscape. However, there is a threat to these wild ones – click here.